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Q: Does magnetic attraction work under water?
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What property makes electric motor possible?

Magnetism. The ATTRACTION and REPULSION of magnetic poles is the BASIC design process that makes electric motors work.

What force makes a compass work?

Basically, a magnetised needle on a pivot points towards the magnetic North of the World, based on the attraction of North and South magnets.

How does oil work?

Oil is burnt to heat up water. The water then travels in convection currents past a turbine, this causes the turbine to spin. The turbine rotates a coil of wire in a magnetic field. As the coil experiences a change in magnetic field, an AC current is induced. Oil is algy that gets heated under the water at a paticular temperature

Why do magnets work?

Magnetic attraction occurs due to the effect of magnetic fields on electrical currents. An electric current would be the flow of electric charge (positive or negative depending on the amount of electrons present). A magnetic field is produced by moving electrical charges to effect other charges (basically).

Why does a magnet work under water?

Interesting question. The answer is maybe - it depends on the construction of the electromagnet. the key is the electromagnet must be water proof, and the wiring used to create the magnet must be insulated from water - if this is not done, then current will flow through the water, which will decay the effectiveness of the electromagnet, along with robbing it of strength due to a decrease in current through the magnet.

Can magnets work on the following materials water wood and plastic?

Water, wood, and plastic are all non-magnetic. Magnets will not attract them.