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Why are poodles groomed like that?

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Asked by Hugh Luettgen

That very specific grooming style (the shaved parts, the floofy tufts) actually has some thought behind it. Beyond evoking the French aristocracy, that is.

Poodles weren’t bred to lounge and look down on us plebs—they were bred to be retrievers. That pattern of hair is intended to speed up their swimming while keeping their vital organs and joints warm.

A poodle’s coat is also pretty difficult to maintain. Since it’s so curly and thick, it gets matted easily, requiring frequent brushing. Shaving or closely clipping parts of the dog can help make that more manageable.

Can boy dogs have babies?

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Asked by Sheri Flores

How to take care of dogs?

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Asked by Dominique Grimes

it all depends on what kind of dog you have. in general you must feed it every day. feed a puppy twice a day, unless you want it chubby, then feed it 3 times a day. adult dogs should be fed about once or twice a day depending on its size. keep a large bowl of water (not too much, you don't want your puppy to drown in it) all day and change it about once a day. you must take it on regular walks every day. smaller breeds wont require as much exercise as larger breeds will. most importantly remember to give it lots of love and patience because YOU are the one who chose to keep it. i suggest you visit hope it helped and good luck

What continent has the most dogs?

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Asked by Wiki User

Dogs are not native to Antarctica.

Where to buy toy for dogs?

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Asked by Maradona Albuquerque

Discount puppy toys can be found at a number of retail and online pet store locations, including PetSmart, Pet Mountain, K9Stuff, and Pet Edge, as well as in many general stores, such as Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart.

Why do dogs get white fur?

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Asked by Danyl Brite

this is a form of dandruff, a lot of dogs and cats get this, especially in the winter, a good daily brushing will stimulate the skin and produce more oil, also a teaspoon of olive oil in their food is very good for their coat.

How Do You Get Over A Loved One, That Passed Away?

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Asked by Chancelyn Tephabock-Westf

Really, only one thing can heal that wound. Time, and knowledge that they are okay. . . You soon start to realize your as strong as you were with them. Though, once one dies, your never the same. . . As if its a change that can't be undone, your not the same person as you used to be.

Why can't dogs see color?

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Asked by Avery Wisdom

Dogs CAN see in colour! The same ones that humans see, but they can't distinguish between green, yellow and orange, thus they have partial color-blindness.

The number of cones in their eyes is low as they are nocturnal (or were as wolves).

Another Answer:

Dogs are said to have dichromatic vision -- they can see only part of the range of colors in the visual spectrum of light wavelengths. Humans have trichomatic vision, meaning that they can see the whole spectrum. Dogs probably lack the ability to see the range of colors from green to red. This means that they see in shades of yellow and blue primarily, if the theory is correct. Since it is impossible to ask them, it is not possible to say that they see these colors in the same hues that a human would. Whether or not the ability to see some color is important to dogs or not is hard to say.

Dogs can see in much dimmer light than humans. This is because the central portion of a dog's retina is composed primarily of rod cells that "see" in shades of gray while human central retinas have primarily cone cells that perceive color. The rods need much less light to function than cones do.

Dogs can detect motion better than humans can.

Dogs can see flickering light better than humans. The only significance to this appears to be that dogs may see television as a series of moving frames rather than as a continuous scene.

Dogs do not have the ability to focus as well on the shape of objects (their visual acuity is lower). An object a human can see clearly may appear to be blurred to a dog looking at it from the same distance. A rough estimate is that dogs have about 20/75 vision. This means that they can see at 20 feet what a normal human could see clearly at 75 feet.

Also consider the perspective that dogs see the world from. A dog with its eyes about 12 inches off the ground certainly sees the world a different way than a human with eyes about 48 inches off the ground like many 5th graders.

As humans we tend to think of dog's visual capabilities as inferior to ours. It is different but it may suit their needs better than possessing accurate color vision would.
They do. They're red-green colour-blind, like many humans. Blues and yellows are visible to them.

How many kinds of dogs are there in the world?

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Asked by Haoyi Wen

How Many Dog Breeds Are There in The World. There are over 500 breeds. All of them are not in the AKC or BKC though. There are around 600 including “designer doggie” breeds (such as a Puggle [pug + beagle] Pomapoo [pomeranian + poodle] and many MANY others.

What is the time do dogs usually goes for a walk?

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Asked by Jan F

A short morning walk before breakfast.

Another short walk or potty break midday.

A longer walk or run before dinner.

Another walk or potty break right before bed.

How do you beat level 4 on dogs in space?

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Asked by Wiki User

bark and jump

What is the length of English bulldog?

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Asked by Wiki User

the length of an a American bulldog is about 4000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 sq feet

Where can one find pedigree English bulldogs for sale?

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Asked by Wiki User

There are many places where one can buy bull dogs, but it very much depends on one's current location. Using business directories and/or directory inquires one should be able to locate a local place that sells bull dogs.

Can dogs see color?

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Asked by Don Dixon

Some dogs see a few, but most see black and white

Can dogs give you worms?

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Asked by Wiki User


There are several types of worms that dogs can have in which you will not see the worm itself because the adult worms live in the intestines and the worms Larva/eggs which can be rather tiny are expelled in the dogs fecies..

You can have your dog tested for worms at the vet and treated if need be...

If you can not afford a vet visit and suspect your dog to have worms then you can purchase a de-wormer medication from the pet store,then follow the directions and monitor the dogs droppings,within the first two days of being medicated you will definitely be able to see the adult worms in the fecies..

All puppies should also be wormed at a certain age,check with the pet store or the vet.

2nd Answer:

Round worms when passed look like long strands of spaghetti and with tapeworms, sometimes you will see the egg segments that they pass which will look like tiny grains of rice. The best thing to do is to take a fecal sample in to your Vet's, collected from over a period of 2 days & have it checked. As said above, sometimes the eggs will not always show up, especially tapeworm eggs. If you see roundworms, be sure to repeat the deworming within 10-14 days from the date of the first deworming.

Why are there more short haired dogs than long haired dogs?

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Asked by Wiki User

Not really it depends on the person's persona and preference.

Where can to find English Bulldogs up for adoption?

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Asked by Wiki User

If you are interested in acquiring an English Bulldog a good place to start would be the BCA (Bulldog Club of America) or the BCARN (Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network). Both organizations feature websites (see related links) listing available dogs or reputable breeders. If you are interested in acquiring a puppy the BCA's website features a list of recommended breeders and which states they live in. They also give contact information so that you can get in touch with the breeder you are interested in.

If you would rather have an older, more mellow, couch potato of a dog than BCARN may be the wiser choice. The site lists rescue organizations and available dogs. If one of their dogs catches your eye than you can contact them from the information they list on the site. Please note, however, that they do require an online application filled out to test if your home and lifestyle would be compatible with one of their dogs.

If neither organization yields any results for you than you could always go to your local humane societies, kennels, or even dog clubs/shows and ask about English Bulldog breeders they'd recommend.

Do wiener dogs have dandruff?

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Asked by Sydney Trulson

Yes. Wiener dogs are more naturally prone to dandruff.

Do dogs sense danger?

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Asked by Olivia Myteberi

Most people believe that dogs can sense bad people, but there is no scientific proof that they can do so.

Another view:

Actually, many dogs can. Dogs are extremely intituitive animals, whose instincts are remarkably accurate.

Dogs can sense things in people through that person's body language, voice, etc., but they also can sense things by the person's scent. People put out different chemical odors, depending on their moods, thoughts, intentions, etc., that are different from those put out by happiness, joy, love, etc., which dogs pick up on and react to.

Any time one of my dogs took an instant dislike to someone we had just met, that made me more cautious of that person. And my dogs were almost always right.

How much can i feed 2 dogs?

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Asked by Mason Perry

Toy Breeds (3-6 pounds): 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup per day. Small Breeds (10-20 pounds): 3/4 cup to 1 1/2 cups per day. Medium Breeds (30-50 pounds) 1 3/4 to 2 2/3 cups per day.

How are sheepherding dogs trained to herd sheep?

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Asked by Hollis Langosh

you cant! unless youre extremely experienced!!! that's what some dogs are trained to do hunt or herd!! your dog has to be extremely obedient to you! my border collie loves toys so whenever we passed one i would shake the toy in her face and she would forget all about it! my dog when we first got her, was intent on killing every dog she saw- though she would never hurt a fly!- no othr animal but a dog!!! i recomend (bottom line) keeping your dog around those animals on a leash and give ur dog treats and love on him and -keep his attention!!!!- be more fun than those things!!! as you trust him more - throw a ball!!!- oh and DONT LET HIM STARE!! ... let these animals become part of life to him- natural- just part of the background!! make him focus on YOU!!!! =]

Does anyone escape life alive?

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Asked by Taylor Thompson

So far no