Give me question of agonsa time?

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Patricia Tierro

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Q: Give me question of agonsa time?
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What is the meaning of AGONSA in math?

AGONSA is an acronym for Asked, Given, Operation, Numbers, Solution, Answer. It is a step-by-step guide to solving problems - mainly in mathematics but, with a little modification, in the wider context as well. 1. Asked: What does the question ask you to do? 2. Given: What information has been provided in the question. It is possible that some of the information is not required, but leave that to later. 3. Operation: Think about the question and decide what operations, and in which order, you need to perform. Generally these will be the four basic binary operations (+, -, x, /). While the operations could be more advanced, you will probably no longer need AGONSA by then. 4. Numbers: Identify the numbers on which you need to perform these operations. Some of these will be given to you explicitly. Others (eg number of grams in a kilogram) you may be expected to know. Still others you may be expected to work out - using a second level AGONSA. 5. Solution: Carry out the operation on the numbers to get the solution. 6. Answer: Write the answer.

What do you give when you answer someones question?

Your time and knowledge.

Can I give you a question?

Yes, any time.

I want to write question and you give me answer?

if people know the answer to it it is a yes. Most of the time purple do answer so when you write a question someone would most of the time give you a answer.

What is agonsa?

Norma spends her free time playing piano. Each day she spends ¾ hour. When a visitor came in, she has already played for ¼ hour. To complete her schedule, how much longer does she need to play?

How was the president at the time?

You need to give us years or the time to get an answer concerning a president.