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Q: How albendazole used to abort 4 week pregnancy?
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Can laxatives terminate 1 week pregnancy?

No, it can't. The morning after pill will not abort a pregnancy, it will have no effect once a pregnancy has occurred.

How much does a 2 week Rx for Albendazole cost?


Can a cortal medicine abort pregnancy within 2 months?

No, Cortal is aspirin and wont make you abort but can cause fetal damage. For abortion you have to see a doctor who can give you a medical abortion, available up to 9th week, using a combo of Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

How can you get rid of or detect a pregnancy if you are four weeks along?

If you suspect a pregnancy, you should consult with your doctor ASAP. You can abort in all states until you are 12-15 weeks along and after that it's only available in a few but up to week 24. Most doctors will not attempt after 12 weeks (3months). If your doctor tests you and you ARE pregnant, you can then talk to him/her about your options, and the fact that you would like to abort your pregnancy. He/She can help you from there.

Where can one find pregnancy week by week pictures?

Week by week pregnancy pictures can be found in books retrieved from the library. There are websites online like Babycenter, Thebump, and 3Dpregnancy that have photos available of week by week pregnancy.

Can castor oil help abort a baby at 1 week?

No, it just gives you diarrhea.