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Copper can be stored in bottles containing water, such that none of the copper is exposed to air, as this can cause the corrosion of copper.

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Q: How do you store copper?
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Where do you buy copper sulphate?

From a chemical store.

Where can you get copper fittings?

Every hardware store I've ever been in keeps copper fittings.

Why would you buy copper?

Try in a metals store.

How do you you use copper in a sentence?

You could say: -I went to the store today and bought a yard of copper. -Copper is a gold, brown, rusty color.

Can copper vessels be used to store drinking water safely?

Copper vessels can be used to store drinking water. Just be sure that the copper is water resistant enough to be able to withstand the fluid without any of it coming off.

Why it is not advisable to store fruits or curd in copper vessels?

You should never cook fruits in an unlined copper pan because if it is an acidic fruit it can react with the copper and can cause poisoning. Copper is a reactive metal. Similarly, it is not wise to store foods in copper pans.