Prep and Boarding Schools

Preparatory schools are private secondary schools designed to prepare students for a university or college education. Boarding schools, on the other hand, are schools where students study and live during the school year.

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Importance of scale of preference?

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It makes you know you needed roll to play when you have you expencies

Does Brooklyn prep school have uniforms?

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I should know because i am attending the school's last eight grade

so forget grade 7 - forest green polos and khaki Dickies pants (no jeans or jeans looking khakis)

this is what 2013 has for us

Grade 8 - navy polos and Khakis Dickies

Grade 9 - gray polos and Khaki Dickies

Grade 10 - purple polos and Khaki Dickies

Grades 11 and 12 - no uniform, but decent dress code is expected - that is no short shorts or skirts, or low cut tops or hanging jeans.

information for me 13 year old 8th grader at Brooklyn college academy

Heat transfer between two substances that are in contact is called?

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the answer is conduction because it transfers heat between two substances that are in contact.

How do you look up your classes for next year?

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you should get a schedule mailed to you three days before open house

Is student life easy?

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University wont be easy for many people, your proffesers will be very hard on you but if you keep your work above your personal life you'll do great. Good Luck !!!:P

What is your idea of a good school?

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I did search and didn't find any postings from current students or recent alumni of Adler. I want to know their take on the school, not people that have applied and were accepted but have not matriculated yet. Thanks for the data from Adler. I knew I had found it once on their website, but couldn't find it again. Their placement rates are pretty atrocious

Reasons why boarding schools are bad?

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The biggest benefits to sending your child off to boarding school are: academic challenge, round the clock learning, small class sizes, family atmosphere, supported independence, and relationships with colleges.

When do children start boarding school?

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From 7th-12th grade

Top 50 boarding schools in India?

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Hi, if you are looking for a Boarding School in India, then The Assam Valley School is the best Boarding school in India, Assam. AVS is one of the leading Schools in India with world-class infrastructure. AVS is a highly recommended boarding school with one of the best educational environments.

The Assam Valley School is affiliated with the ICSE board. Classes 9 & 10 follow ICSE curriculum and Classes 11 & 12 follow ISC curriculum. The lower Classes from 5 to 8 follow the syllabus of the new curriculum guidelines prepared by CISCE.

If you want your child to develop overall personality, and offer them quality education and extra-curricular training then it is best to enroll your child into a residential school. Although it may be hard for a kid to leave the home at a young age pursuing a residential school would ultimately play a vital role in their growth. The best boarding school in Assam, Kolkata, and other key cities in India offer their students an essential perspective on how to turn into socially aware of society.

• By studying in these schools the students get used to the idea of being away from the house, which makes them more liberal. The boarding schools support the students to complete their coursework and simple everyday tasks on their own. This system assists the children in the transition process from school into college, and then the world at huge.

• The best boarding schools encourage positive traits such as respect, hard work, and honesty, to fortify the moral foundation of the students. Thus, the students studying in these schools have an outstanding moral foundation and behavior.

• At a boarding school, the students are more focused on their studies as their exposures to distracters are very limited. Hence, the students studying at the most excellent boarding schools in India preferably fare very well in academics as they live in surroundings that are favorable for studying and learning.


A room where children sleep in a boarding school?

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They teach all the same ones as they do in regular schools. They need the basics like math, english, science and physical education. Depending on the school they may have different classes that are optional.

What is famu in-state tution?

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How much would it cost to go to FAMU to get my Ph.D. in Pharamicist?

When was St. Mary's Preparatory created?

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St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary was created in 1961.

What are the select 16 elite boarding school and are they better?

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St. Paul's






St. George's

St. Mark's


Woodberry Forest





What does abbey mount boarding school look like?

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Its so real its called Cobham Hall School and i have been there before for a day and a night!

What are Duties of prep prefect?

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to guide and control the student to read their books

What exactly is a boarding house?

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A house providing food and lodging for paying guest.

How long does it take to get a certified public accountant?

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Depending what state you are from there are specific requirements on becoming a CPA.

This site linked below breaks down the steps it takes to become a cpa in your specific state one of the 54 jurisdictions along with all the exam and certification standards along with education for becoming an accountant or cpa.

Which are the 10 most elite prep schools in New England?

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The Top Prep Schools in the US - Forbes Magazine, April 2010

In April 2010, Forbes Magazine published a list of the top 20 (private) prep schools in the US. They based their rankings on "student/faculty ratio, percentage of faculty that possess advanced degrees, size of the school's endowment." They also took into account the percentage of graduates who enrolled into top 10 colleges (mostly Ivy League.)

1. Trinity School - Upper West Side, Manhattan

2. Horace Mann - Riverdale, NY

3. Phillips Academy Andover - Andover, MA

4. Brearley - Upper East Side, Manhattan

5. Roxbury Latin - West Roxbury, MA

6. Phillips Exeter Academy - Exeter, NH

7. Collegiate - Upper West Side, Manhattan

8. St. Paul's - Concord, NH

9. Spence - Upper East Side, Manhattan

10. Winsor - Boston, MA

11. Chapin - Upper East Side, Manhattan

12. Harvard-Westlake - Los Angeles, CA

13. Dalton - Upper East Side, Manhattan

14. Lawrenceville School - Princeton, NJ

15. Groton School - Groton, MA

16. Milton Academy - Boston, MA

17. College Preparatory School - Oakland, CA

18. Noble and Greenough School - Dedham, MA

19. Hopkins School - New Haven, CT

20. Deerfield Academy - Deerfield, MA

Another Answer

1. Phillips Exeter Academy

2. Phillips Academy Andover

3. Deerfield Academy

4. Hotchkiss School

5. Lawrenceville

6. St. Paul's School

7. Middlesex School

8. Groton School

9. Taft School

10. Kent School

When was Rio Hondo Prep created?

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Rio Hondo Prep was created in 1964.

What is a Prep School in New Hampshire?

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This question needs clarification. What is this person seeking?


If you are looking for strong academics virtually every prep school, in New England or elsewhere, offers some advantage over a public high school.


There are many schools that carry a certain level of prestige and cachet in social circles. Some of the most notable are Phillips Exeter, Philips Andover, St. Pauls, St. Marks, Groton, Middlesex, Deerfield, Choate Rosemary Hall, Taft, Kent and Hotchkiss. Most of these schools are members of either the Independent School League based primarily in the Boston area or the Founders League based largely in Connecticut.


This varies by year. Each school's web site will usually list college placement for the prior year or two.


Many students choose New England prep schools for their athletic programs. They offer some sports that are rarely found in public schools such as lacrosse, squash and crew. Also, many of these schools have outstanding rink facilities and excellent hockey programs. The Founders League in particular has a high level of competition. Of those schools one stands out for having won eight New England division one prep championships, Avon Old Farms.

Boarding School?

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Yeah, tons!!! I go to boarding school, and mine is really cool!

A lot of International schools are boarding schools and you meet people from all around the world and it makes you a very well rounded person. Very good!

When was Phillips Exeter Academy created?

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Phillips Exeter Academy was created in 1781.