The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena is all part of science. Nothing is immune to the scientific process: from charm quarks that haven't existed naturally since the beginning of time to Pluto, recently demoted from planet to dwarf planet. Questions on knowledge about the material and physical aspects of our world are asked and answered here.

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What are the disadvantages of wind?

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there are many disadvantages of winds

:- winds uproot trees

:- winds causes air pollution as during flow of wind much dust is swinnging

we could have a tornado

Can the sun float on water?

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Although the Sun is gas, gravity of its large mass makes it incredible dense towards its core. On average the Sun is about a gram and a half per cubic centimeter - which is heavier than water at 1 gm per cc - a density at which ordinary objects would sink.

At the core, one cubic centimeter of Solar material is about twenty times the mass of iron - and would weigh about 160 grams!

How do you know it is daytime?

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A technique of direct observation can be used. Outdoors, the Sun will be above the horizon and providing the landscape with illumination. When it is night time the Sun will be below the horizon and no longer directly illuminate the Earth's surface where the observer is located, this results in a perceivable darkness. Since it is convenient to exploit natural light for human perception, most structures above ground are constructed with windows which allow easy observation of the outdoors without relocating externally, hence juxtaposition to such a convenience can facilitate this observation. It is not wise to observe the Sun directly without special equipment since it can damage eyesight due to the intensity of incident solar light falling on the retina.

Indirect methods exist, you can use a common chronometer when correctly calibrated, and information regarding sunrise and sunset to infer whether it is daytime. Such information is available on the Internet.

You could also exploit operation of a public switched telephone network terminal to call somebody and request the day/night status, you might need to provide your location and time zone; be aware you may receive inquiries regarding your inability to discern this information without resorting to an external information source, since it is commonly assumed to be painfully obvious.

What is a good title for a science project about static electricity?

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I would suggest "shocking science" as a title for a project about static electricity.

What is an example of momentum?

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A mass traverlling at a given speed/velocity.

Do NOT confuse with 'Force'.

Momentum = mass X veloicty

Force = mass X acceleration.

A car , of say mass 1 tonne, ( 1000 kg) travelling at 44 netres per sec has a momentym of = 1000 kg X 44 m/s = 44000 kg m/s

The same vehicle accelerating from 0m/s ( standing start) to 44 m/s in 10 sec has a force of

F = 1000 kg( 44 - 0 ) m/s / 10 s

F = 1000 kg * 4.4 m/s^2

F = 4400 kg m/s^2

Note the different in the time(s) units.

What is a ticketing tools give different types of ticketing tools with examples?

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Project Management: Trello, Asana, Monday - Assign tasks, collaborate with teams, track progress, and hit deadlines with ease.

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What is the vibrating part of a harp?

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The vibration in the string of harp . When strike on the string then produce sounds.

What happens in a full eclipse?

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In a lunar eclipse, the shadow of the Earth falls on the moon when the Moon is behind the Earth from the Sun's standpoint. During a solar eclipse, the Moon passes in front of the Sun, i.e., the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth and the Moon's shadow falls on the Earth. The 'full' eclipse probably refers to totality - that is, the entire disk of the Sun is blocked by the Moon or shadow of the Earth covers the entire Moon resulting in a total eclipse rather than a partial one.

Will iron nails rust faster in salt water or freshwater?

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  1. Does iron nail rust faster insltor fresh water

2. materials:

two nail,two cup,salt water,fresh water,

3. Hypothesis.I think that a nail rust faster in salt water because of the chemicals in the salt.

4. Procedure:

inde variable:same nail and fresh and salt water

dep variable:how many days will it take

con varable:size of nail,different water


gather my m

What is long form of NGO?

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The full form of NGO is Non-Governmental Organization.

What is the ionic compound name for Au2O?

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Au2O does not exist. However, a compound name would be 'Gold(1) Oxide'.

The main oxide of gold is 'Au2O3' Gold (III) Oxide.

However, gold is a very inert metal, to the point of being found native as nuggets.

How many neutrons and protons make up a charged atom?

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Neutrons are 'zero' charged.

Protons are positively(+) charged.

Electrons are negatively(-) charged.

For any neutrally charged atom , the number of protons(+) equals the number of electrons(-); the charges balance.

However, when an atom loses or gains electrons it becomes a charged species and is called an ION , not an atom.

If the number of protons changes then it is a completely different element.

Neutrons have no effect on the charge of an atom/ion, they only effect the atomic mass.

Here are some examples.

Hydrogen has one proton and one electrons ; charges balance.

However the hydrogen ion has one proton and no electrons (H^+)

Chlorine has two isotopes l different number of neutrons

Chlorine - 35 , 17 protons , 18 neutrons and 17 electrons

The Chloride(-35) ion has 17 protons , 18 neutrons and 18 electrons (35)Cl^-) , the chloride -35 ion

Chlorine - 37, 17 protons , 20 neutrons and 17 electrons

The Chloride(-37) ion has 17 protons , 20 neutrons, and 18 electrons (37)Cl^-) , the chloride - 37 ion.

The Chloride(-37) ion has 17 protons, 20 neutrons and 18 electrons

Notice , for the given element the number of protons remains the same, the different isotopes have different number of neutrons, and the ions have a different number of electrons.

What is the theme for the story day after tomorrow?

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The theme is we ignore ominous threats to our environment, and pay for it when the climate tries to heal itself by cataclysmic storms that trigger a new ice age.

The movie was typical "Hollywood", with a hard lean to climate change theories.

HOW does a compass help us?

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The magnetic compass assists with navigation by giving the alignment of the Earth's magnetic field, from which direction of travel can be determined.

What makes hard glass hard?

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well most things in the world start as a liquid. What most do is but in a

"glass oven" it harden in the mold and you have the glass that you see

today. In other words is it goes from liquid to solid.

please pass your wisdom on . . .

Wise woman age 9

Which group I and group VII elements react together most vigorously?

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Francium and Fluorine. They would react instantaneously and explosively.

However, this would never be done in an open lab. , because francium is radio-active.

However, Sodium (Grp (I)) and Chlorine (Grp(VII)), will react in a gas jar in the lab. But less vigorously than the above two.

Are all nonmetals liquids or matter?

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Everything that you touch is MATTER. You are matter.

So solids, liquids and gases are matter.

It follows that non-metals are matter.

NB THere are only two liquid elements in the periodic table, they are bromine and mercury.

What causes a grain silo explosion?

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Too much grain dust.

A spark in grain dust will create a 'flash'. There by an explosion.

In coal mines, miners referred to 'fire damp' . This is a mixture of very fine coal dust particles, methane and oxygen. A spark across it would cause a big explosion.

Miners tested for 'fire damp' using canaries (birds). Canaries are very sensative to atmospheric changes. In a coal mine if 'fire damp' is prersent the canary would possibly faint and fall off its perch, until restored to clean oxygen(air).

Have you ever seen the 'custard tin' explosion. The very fine particles of custard powder, could be ignited and blow the lid off the tin.

What is SeCl2?

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Selenium (II) chloride.

What does velocity mean in terms of science?

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How fast an object is travelling in a given direction.

Why does a shadow form beside the cup and saucer?

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Without further information it's pretty safe to say a shadow forms beside the cup and saucer because they are opaque and there is a light source

Why do antacids dissolve faster in warm water?

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It has more energy in the form of water molecules that vibrate and move around faster than those in cold water.