What are your thoughts on electronic voting?

Hello, I’m doing some primary research for my Computer Science BTECH and looking for some volunteers to fill out a Google form. The form has simple multiple choice questions. Responders must: Be over 18 Have citizenship in the United Kingdom At the end of the form you’ll be provided with a link. If clicked, this link will record your geographical location, verifying that you are in the UK (this is an optional step). I’d very grateful to anyone who takes the time to fill in the survey, thank you. ht tps: // /N7Vc2cns7bk8v3ED8

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Q: What are your thoughts on electronic voting?
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What are some benefits and weaknesses of electronic voting?

Electronic voting goes faster and is efficient when it works. However there have been problems with electronic voting and issues raised as to the accuracy.

What was one concern addressed by the Help America Vote Act?

electronic voting.

In which state was the electronic voting machine first introduced in India?

Electronic voting machines were first introduced in Kerala.

What are the benefits of electronic voting?


What are some electronic voting technologies?

There are a few different electronic voting technologies. Some of which include using punch cards, optical scan voting system or a specialized voting kiosk which is slowing gaining popularity.

What has the author Melanie Volkamer written?

Melanie Volkamer has written: 'Evaluation of electronic voting' -- subject(s): Evaluation, Electronic voting