What are tamarins prey?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What are tamarins prey?
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What is a moustached tamarins enemies?

The moustached tamarin is at risk from larger monkeys. Eagles and other birds of prey are also primary predators of the little primate.

How many golden lion tamarins are in captivity?

there are about 17 trillion golden lion tamarins left in the world

Are Moustached Tamarins endangered?

All Tamarins are endangered, partly because of severe habitat destruction, and because of the pet trade.

Do golden lion tamarins have paws?


Where do golden lion tamarins live?

Golden lion tamarins live in the Atlantic coastline of Brazil. The lowland rainforests there are what they call home.

Do golden lion tamarins migrate?

No, golden lion tamarins are very territorial and will not leave their territory unless they are pushed out of it by another family group.