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Anticoagulant rodenticides do not produce signs of poisoning for several days after the toxic dose has been consumed. Anticoagulant rodenticides cause internal bleeding. A poisoning victim will show weakness and pallor but bleeding will likely not be obvious externally. Most of the time external bleeding is not obvious and one only notices the pet is weak and/or cold. If one looks at the gums, they are pale. Sometimes bloody urine or stool is evident or nose bleeds may be seen. Signs of bleeding in more than one body location are a good hint that there is a problem with blood coagulation and appropriate testing and treatment can be started. Evidence of bleeding in the body can manifest itself with bruising, sometimes fluid filled pockets. Labored breathing can also be a sign of internal bleeding in the pleural cavity and/or lungs. Typical ingredients of rat poisons are, brodificoum, diaphacinone, warfarin, bromadoline, etc. Most of these products include a green dye for a characteristic appearance; however, dogs and cats have poor color vision and to them these pellets may look like kibbled pet food.

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Q: What are the signs of d-con rat poisoning?
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