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You need brown black and green

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Q: What color combination needed to make kiwi green?
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Is there a way to boil a kiwi and keep its green color?

no, but if you are making something like kiwi jam you can add a few drops of green food coloring.

What color match with kiwi green?

I'd say a pinkish red depending on your color scheme.

Why is the kiwi green?

The kiwi is not green. This New Zealand flightless bird tends to be a shade of brown.

Are kiwis always green?

Kiwi FRUIT are either green or golden in colour whilst Kiwi BIRDS are brown and feathery and Kiwi HUMANS come in all colours.

What color are kiwi eggs?

Kiwi eggs are an ivory/greenish white colour.

Does a Kiwi Have Black Skin?

A kiwi FRUIT has brown with green skin. A kiwi BIRD has brown furry skin, not usually black.