What kind of maps can you name?

Updated: 10/24/2023
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There are several types of maps, including political maps which show countries, states, and major cities, physical maps which depict geographical features such as mountains and rivers, road maps that highlight highways and roads for navigation purposes, and thematic maps that focus on specific topics like population density or climate patterns. Additionally, there are historical maps that represent past territories or events, and topographic maps that provide detailed information about terrain and elevation.

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Political Geography Maps show principally national and regional boundaries, towns, roads, railways, sea and air routes and other human creations on the outline of the land' with sufficient toopgraphical details to explain why this town is there, that railway uses that valley, etc.

- Historians may uses ancient maps to help understand their studies, or produce ones perhaps showing ancient settlements and trade-routes.

Physical Geography Maps use towns and cities etc as references but illustrate primarily the landscape forms.

- Maps such as the UK's Ordnance Survey series combine both functions.

- Similar charts show continental-shelf and ocean-floor topographies.

Geological Maps give the rocks andtheir structures, with artificial features such as towns and railways included only as landmarks. [The British Geological Survey maps print the rocks by colour-coding onto faint, non-coloured Ordnance Survey map backgrounds.)

Road Maps /Atlases are simplified maps concentrating on roads and settlements, to aid motorists' navigation. In some countries at least, including the UK, the map's roads lines are coloured by a standard scheme to show road classification. Street Maps are similar but larger-scale plans of a town's roads and streets.

Nautical Charts show the land by outline only, apart from a few distinct points, together with sufficient information about water depths, lighthouses, sea-bed hazards, mooring / non-mooring areas, etc. to helpsafe navigation.

- Analogous charts are used foraircraft navigation.

Specialist maps are made to show specific information for particular purposes, such as forestry, water resources, utility services routes, etc.Included among these are cave surveys, used to aid cavers' navigation underground, and in studying the surveyed caves scientifically.

Astronomy Mapsshow the natural objects in space. Variations of these arise from plotting radio, X-ray etc emissions around their astral sources.

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Q: What kind of maps can you name?
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