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youth, growth, spring, jealousy.

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Q: What meanings are often associated with the color green?
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What is the color most often associated with Ireland?


Why is green associated Saint Patricks Day?

Saint Patrick's ministry was in Ireland, and Ireland is known for its green landscape. Green is the color of Ireland (often called "The Emerald Isle"), the color of shamrocks, the official "Irish" color, as it were.

What color is associated with Shinto?

White is most often associated with Shinto.

Do Muslims have a sacred colour?

No one specific color is ''sacred'', however the color most often associated with Muslims is green, because the Ottomans, who used it in their flag, were primarily Muslim.

What color represent afraid?

The color yellow is often associated with fear or being afraid.

What color symbolizes strength?

red is a color associated with power and strengh very often