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Q: Who is the man that said science is only thinking God's thoughts after Him?
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Why is it against gods will to clone?

because he is the only creator of everything that exist, even the true science he created it,and the true science is the one that exist not only a theory.

Why are courts hestant to punish a person for evil thoughts?

THey are not only hesitant - they CANNOT. No one yet knows how to read a persons mind and thoughts to determine what they are thinking, evil or otherwise.

Can only gods swear by the river Styx?

I only know the answer for the Greek gods; if they're not the ones you were thinking of, be more specific in your question. The Greek gods swore by the river Styx.

How did Leonardo change the world of science?

He didn't change science, but had many ideas that have shown his advanced thinking. He made very few of them and only models.

Can red wine cause crying?

only your thoughts or eye irratations can cause crying. unless you soak your eyes in your red wine I'm betting that you were thinking of something else and those thoughts made you cry.

Why is critical thinking important in science?

Critical thinking is important in all aspects of life. It is critical to science because science only progresses, in the simplest terms, by uncovering the patterns underlying the materials and processes of nature. Loosely speaking, critical thinking requires one to drop biases, prejudices and assumptions for the simple reason that these can all lead one to the wrong conclusion. The scientific method: Hypothesis to Experiments to Data to Theory requires the clearest thinking and the recognition of underlying assumptions. In other words, critical thinking.