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acidic food related ingridients can react with metal , copper and aluminum , THUS making it poisonous to the human body

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Q: Why acidic food should be stored in metal containers made up of copper and aluminum?
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What is non-reactive?

The "nonreactive cookware" is cookware that does not react with acidic foods. Acidic foods such as tomatoes or wine can react with uncoated cookware made of copper, aluminum, or cast iron. For example, if you put a tomato sauce in an aluminum pot the color of the sauce can change and the sauce will have a slightly metallic taste. When you are cooking with acidic foods you should use pans that are stainless steel, hard anodized aluminum, glass, or that have a coating of tin or enamel. The sale of unlined copper cookware is illegal in many countries, because -- although trace amounts of copper are necessary for good health -- highly acidic foods can dissolve toxic amounts of copper.

Can you change from aluminum wire to copper wire in a new oven?

Copper is preferable to aluminum and the size of wire should be the same or the next size down if copper is used.

What should for get more pound?

You should get more money per pound for copper than for aluminum.

How to transport and store copper clad aluminum?

In the process of transporting copper-clad aluminum, you should pay more attention, because if it is not transported properly, it will cause damage to the copper-clad aluminum, and the impact will be relatively large. We will bring you more exciting information in the future.

Which foods are made in copper vessels?

Many foods can be made in copper vessels. The only foods that you should avoid making in copper vessels is acidic foods. The copper and acids react and can ruin the food.

Why should you not cook acidic foods in aluminum pans?

The acid erodes the aluminum foil, Try this: Cut one tomato in half, place it in auminum foil, place in fridge, eventually, you will see specks of metal ( the aluminum) :D