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Q: Why do Teflon socks reduce friction and blister on the feet?
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What can a person do to help prevent blisters?

A person can wear moisture wicking socks which decrease friction. Friction between the foot and the shoe is what creates the blister after running .

What is a good blister treatment?

To prevent blisters, you need to minimize friction. For the feet, this begins with appropriate shoe and sock selection. Make sure your shoes are the right size and shape. Wear socks made from synthetic blends. Before you exercise, apply petroleum jelly or talcum power to reduce friction, if needed. If you get a blister, you'll want to relieve your pain, keep the blister from enlarging, and avoid infection. Signs of infection include pus draining from the blister, very red or warm skin around the blister, and red streaks leading away from the blister. Small, intact blisters that don't cause discomfort usually need no treatment. The best protection against infection is a blister's own skin.

What is the best blister treatment for runners?

The reason you are getting blisters in the first place is probably because your socks and/or shoes don't fit properly and that is causing your skin to rub against your socks and shoes and creates a blister. You need to get better fitting shoes, use moleskin and vaseline and the blisters should be gone for good.

What is so great about compression socks?

Compression socks are great because they reduce muscle damage. They reduce muscle damage by increasing the circulation in the legs and feet by compressing them.

Why do people wear Teflon socks?

I wear them to help prevent blisters. I have EB simplex (look it up) which can be very painful and debilitating.

Are herpes always blister like?

Not exactly blisters are caused my wrinkles in your socks, when your foot rubs against the shoe etc...