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Q: Why foodstuffs with acid components should not be stored in alluminium or copper utensils?
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Can copper conduct heat?

yes copper can conduct heat. it conducts heat better than alluminium & iron.

Why is copper used to make the base of stainless steel utensils?

Copper is good conductor of heat as compared to stainless steel utensils. So if you have the base of copper, then heat will rapidly and evenly spread across the utensil. But then, why you do not use the utensils made of copper only ? Because, if there is acidic food cooked in copper utensils, the copper salts are formed, witch are poisonous. So we have advantages of both copper and stainless steel. Also it looks good.

The utensils used in Rajasthan are made up of what material?

The utensils which are used in Rajastan are made up of copper and zinc.

Are cooking utensils good conductor?

Yes, cooking utensils are good conductor of heat. In many cases these utensils have copper lining in the bottom to make them better conductors of heat.

What are expensive kitchen utensils made of?

They are made up of metal and copper.

What are the components of coin?

the components of coin are copper and zinc