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Green. And Pink in Japan.

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Q: What is the color associated with spring?
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Color associated with spring?

Green :)

What meanings are often associated with the color green?

youth, growth, spring, jealousy.

Is pink a good color for a Baby Easter Dress?

Pink is a great color for a little girl's Easter dress. Typically, pastels are associated with Easter and the coming of spring.

Alert symbol is associated with which color?

The alert symbol is associated with the color red.

Is green a color of spring?

well of course green is a spring color. green is a spring color because spring is when the trees turn to green and the flowers get brighter. if you are so good at this you could see some green turtles at spring just look at the pictures its good to learn about spring

What kind of sicknesses come in the spring?

Lyme disease is the sickness that is usually associated with the spring.